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The Master Elite pickup system is the complete package! This multi-faceted collection of components gives you the ability to transform this single pickup into almost every style that we offer! Easily switch between multiple microphones, attachments and accessories to give you complete control of your instrument(s) and sound. You’ll receive a custom tailored miniature road box with all the items needed to be prepared in every situation.

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Microphone Attachments

The Master Elite is equipped with five flexible micro-gooseneck attachments that can be interchanged instantly by plugging into the Elite’s pre-amp control module! This system will naturally capture the master musician’s touch with the richest sounds possible. Imagine . . . all your instrument’s sweet spots are clearly heard, with brightness and the purest tones. The experimentation possibilities are endless, which is why we unanimously named it the Master Elite.


Instrument Mounts

The Master Elite pickup system includes three pre-amp mounting systems in our Grip Series so that you have the option of mounting the Elite’s pre-amp to your instrument. You also have the ability to choose the length and number of goooseneck microphones, giving you incredible flexibility.

Microphone Mounts

The Master Elite pickup system includes all the mounting systems in our Feather Series, giving you the ability to mount the Feather flexible micro-goosenecks to a plethora of acoustic instruments. There is no permanent installation of any kind and the pickup can be transferred to any instrument.



Instrument Cable

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Nestled in the bottom layer of your Elite road box is our 15’ ultra light, right angle/straight instrument cord. Myers Pickups proudly uses only low noise, high quality Mogami Cable (The Cable of the Pros). Our handmade cords are 75% lighter than the standard cords commonly used by most musicians and can only be obtained through Myers Pickups.


XLR Adapter

The Master Elite’s miniature road box is equipped with our mono XLR male to 1/4” female adapter. Imagine being at a live venue when you suddenly need to plug in at “mic level.” It’s no problem because The Master Elite is ready! Don’t hit the road without it!



Custom Traveling Case

The Master Elite comes delivered in a durable miniature road box with soft foam on the inside to protect every component of the Master Elite when traveling and performing.


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