Andy Hemmings

Drummer/Drum Creator

North Cotes, UK


“Carrying three mic-stands and three mics around just doesn’t work. With the Myers Pickup, it’s all with me and allows me freedom of movement. Before, if I swayed back and forth, it would change the sound but with this, if I wanted to, I could pick up my drum and walk around with it!”


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The Wounded Healers are: Pete Conner (guitar & vocals), Charlie Jones (vocals), Micky Broadbent (bass guitar and vocals), Andy Hemmings (percussion), Dave Angel (guitar) and Dave Formula (keyboards). Between them they have played in umpteen different bands (world-renowned in the case of Dave Formula with Magazine and Visage) and have now come together to form this close harmony line-up playing original, ‘Anglo-Americana’ songs infused with a sprinkling of folk-rock, a dash of roots and a side-order of jazz. Their debut album 'Found in Translation' can be downloaded here: